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Zen and the art of dog parks – Macon Dog Park

When we travel, one of the first things I research are dog parks along our route. After several hours on the road, it’s a big plus for us to find a dog park we can stop at to let Kalani & Tikaa run off some energy.


When we’re at our home in Orlando, FL, Kalani & Tikaa visit our neighborhood dog park every day (luckily, it’s only 2 blocks from our house). They love to meet up and interact with all their friends at the neighborhood park and they enjoy meeting new friends and sniffing out new smells at dog parks all over the country.


Researching dog parks online isn’t entirely a piece-of-cake, but sites like bringfido.com can be a good source. I usually start there, pick a park, and then Google as much as I can to get a sense of how good (or bad) the park is. This doesn’t always work and we’ve driven out of our way to some pretty disappointing parks. But then we find a jewel like the Macon Dog Park, we just have to share this wonderful discovery with you.


As a human, if you’ve been to a Japanese garden, you will be familiar with beautiful trees, walking paths, bridges, and streams. It makes for a relaxing afternoon just wandering around.


As a dog, imagine a big, soft grass, tree-lined park with walking paths, bridges, and streams. Oh and you can wade into the streams and run like crazy with your dog friends. It makes for a wonderful afternoon of getting wet and probably muddy while you meander or wrestle (depending on your mood that day) with your friends. This is Macon Dog Park.


Macon Dog Park is a popular park, many locals are frequent visitors and we found everyone and their dogs very friendly. It is lovely to walk the park, back and forth over bridges and along the stream with your dogs. There is a large, tree-shaded area with benches for owners to sit and chat that has drinking fountains for both humans and dogs. There are also several benches throughout the park, a few people were out there reading books and relaxing while their dogs got some play time.


Located right off I-75 in Macon, GA, the Macon Dog Park is a fully-fenced park the size of a city block. It has a good sized parking lot bordering Chestnut Street and areas for both large and small dogs. We will definitely stop every time we travel by Macon. Kalani & Tikaa already recognize it as one of their “regular” spots and get super excited when we drive up and park. Make sure to check it out next time you’re nearby.


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