About Us

Janet and Paul Stearns

Why we sold our house and moved into our RV

Today we officially said “good-bye” to our sticks-and-bricks house and “hello” to full-time RV living.

How we got to today

It was a long journey of observation, discovery, self-reflection, and math (sorry, warning, there is math ahead) to get to today. We began like most newly married couples. Paul and I were excited to build our lives together and began in the traditional way by getting a puppy and buying a new home.

What it’s really like to get rid of all your stuff

If you’ve read my post on why we sold our house and moved into our RV, you’ll know that I had so much fun decorating our home during the 5 years we lived there. When it came time to downsize, I wondered how we would handle giving up literally everything, all those things we bought for the house. Would we really be able to do it? Or would we wind up with a gigantic storage unit?