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Janet and Paul Stearns

Obsessed with Aqua!

20-retro-aqua-Items-for-your-RV-kitchenWhen we put the deposit down on our first RV, my next goal was to begin accessorizing! I wanted our RV to have a cool, retro vibe, as I am a huge fan of midcentury modern design and the RV lifestyle undeniably has a very midcentury, Great American Roadtrip feel about it. I knew we would not make many mods to this RV, so accessorizing to bring in that retro feel was important.

Lessons learned on humidity in an RV

RV camping in Key West almost ended our RV wanderlust! It was just so hot and humid in the RV, we seriously considered packing up and going home.  Was there something wrong with our AC? Canary was going crazy all weekend telling us that temperatures...

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Why we chose the White Canary to guard our RV

Let’s face it, Sara Lance is one badass woman who protects her family and friends at all costs. Who wouldn’t want the White Canary to protect their RV?

Meanwhile back in reality… our white canary is a bit less sexy but just as much of a badass.

Canary All-in-One Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera

  • Built-in siren – the Canary Cry!
  • Climate monitor
  • Air quality alerts
  • Motion detection
  • Person detection
  • Video captures motion and sound
  • Sends alerts and videos to your smartphone